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September 24, 2007



Wonderful tribute. I wish I could have seen her Tony Award-winning performance in that Lorraine Hansberry play (which she also played in L.A.). I've heard her in the recording of "New Faces of 1952" and she was just great. She appeared in two of my father-in-law's plays and I loved her tiny part in "The Graduate" which I just watched again the other day. You're right--the character actors in "Bewitched" were unparalleled, it was simply the best supporting cast on television. And Alice Ghostley was perfect as Esmerelda. Also loved her as the wicked stepsister (with Kaye Ballard) in the Julie Andrews version of "Cinderella." What a unique actress. Farewell, Alice.


Thanks Danny for the great comments. It's amazing that sometimes we see actors only for their most recent roles, or for their most famous. When, really, so many of them have a long history worth revisiting.

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