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June 16, 2008


OldOldLady Of The Hillsl

An inspiring and touching story...! Bless Them!!! I pray there will come a time when two women or two men getting married, (legally) will not be looked on as it still is by so very many people, today.
I am able to marry people legally...(A Reverend in The Universal Life Church---which is no Church, actually--but I am acredited and my marriages are legal....)
Since my "confinement", 2005, I have not done any weddings...But, back in the early and mid 90's, I did three Gay Weddings. No, they weren'r recognized by the state, but that wasn't the point. It is very exciting to think that these couples could actually get Legally married tomorrow! Unfortuneately one couple married just before one of the Groom's died of AIDS Related illnesses...In fact, it was his last wish that they be married. The Ceremony took place in The Hospice and he died three days later! But the two other couples could make their Union legal, if the so desire! BRAVO!
I also pray this is NOT voted down on the Ballot in November!

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