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June 11, 2008


OldOldLady Of The Hillsl

What a WONDERFUL Post! You write so beautifully...I felt I was right there with you and I LOVED this little Video and the song. That group has caught the feeling of the period so beautifully....
Thanks so much for your visit and your wonderful comment about The Ambassador. It was a great great Hotel, and a very sad day when the Wrecking Ball took it down. I will never understand the lack of care for History in this country. I realize the Hotel was older than many others and no longer in the most convenient area...Though it is crazy because Downtown Los Angeles is really very very busy....But, to not have someone come along and save this great Palace...well, it was just criminal. I loved reading your memories of going into the Grove and the kitchen area and that Ballroom. A good friend who reads my blog had a very similar experience but I think by the time he saw it he felt that age and time had passed it by....It became quite sad to go down there the closer it got to closing. Actually the Pool closed long before the Wrecking Ball came. Many film shoots took place in the Hotel and in the Pool area in the years before they actually tore it all down....But, knowing it was going to close, things were not taken care of as they had been, so it did have a kind of old seedy look by the end.
I am so glad I got that picture of that Tile in The Men's Room. I thought it was a very poetic tribute to the specialness of that Men's Room.

Hope you will visit again sometime.

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