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January 13, 2009



I love the story you tell about Carrie Fisher and am so glad to hear she's as cool as she seems. I think she's one of the smartest, funniest people on the planet and I loved the live one-woman show she did that turned into this book. Did you ever catch her short-lived interview show (from her house) that was on cable a few years ago? Oh my God, her interviews of both her parents (separately) need to be archived in the Smithsonian for future generations, they are so funny.

P.S. What were you doing in Yuma, Arizona? Were you working on the film?


I only caught a few episodes of the short lived series and, sadly, missed the ones with her parents. I would pay money to see those.

And you're so right Danny, Carrie Fisher is one of the smartest and funniest people around. I regret not having seen her one woman show, but I understand it's going up again sometime early this year. I'll be sure to track it down.

To answer your Yuma question, I was kind of a stalker before the term was coined I guess. I was a huge Star Wars fan as a kid, and my friends and I would devour any information we could on the films and actors.

We were surprised to learn, one day, that a friend was visiting relatives in Yuma, Arizona and had seen a lot of semi trucks making a right turn into the deeps of the desert, seemingly in the middle of nowhere.

When she asked her parents what that was all about, she learned they were filming some science fiction movie there and that rumor was it was the latest in the Star Wars (at the time) trilogy.

Well, a quick phone call (no computers then) had our small band of stalk...uh ...fans visit the site. Our group traded days and someone from our little group was out there nearly every day of the shoot. We even got interviewed for a "Behind the scenes" docu by Lucasfilm.

We found out about the production staying in Yuma at the motel and a couple of my friends thought we'd venture out there.

Looking back on it now I'm pretty horrified, but we were kids. And thank goodness Carrie, in particular, was really wonderful and made us feel like it was completely natural that we would interrupt her time in the sun to chat with her.

Though I haven't run into her since, of my friends who have, none has given me any reason to believe that she is any different now than she was on the fateful day I met her so long ago.

Maybe I'll try to get back stage at her live show, and see if I can ask her a question. One I promise will be deeply personal.

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