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June 25, 2009


OldOldLady Of The Hills

What a lovely Post, Dave....I'm sorry I haven't been here more...Life has been catching up with me...so many many losses recently...good friends, too....

I love that we DO have The Best of Michael Jackson preserved not just in our memory's but available to see anytime we want, as well.

I often think of the many Live performances I;ve seen since I'm a child, in the Theatre or a Concert...Oh how I wish those could be accessed like all the wonderful recordings and Visuals of MJ....! But alas, many don't exist even on records. And very few on Film.

I believe Jackson;s Talent will be his true legacy, though because of the 24/7 greed machines, they won't let the man Rest In Peace. The Media are true Leaches in every way.
Hope things are good with you, my dear/

OldOldLady Of The Hills

Thanks so much for your thoughtful and caring comment....As you said, 'Life catches up with you'....That is the truth, isn't it?

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